Thursday, January 29, 2015

Big Women Big Woman: Just a Few Thoughts

I don't know if many people watch this show.  I've watched it and here are my thoughts:

Do these women love anything outside of food and men? Maybe it's just for the show.  Here goes...

Mar is my favorite because she seems the most honest about herself and she keeps it the cutest.  She's relatable to every woman no matter her size. But she did kiss the gay dude.  Girl, stop kissing random dudes.  You can lose weight but you can't lose herpes.
Sabrina is okay but her attitude on the first dates is what kills it (plus that wig and them fashions consult with Mar and Jessica about this).  You can't date skinny white nerds  and not expect to do something a little different.  I bet when Sabrina said skinny and white, what  she really meant was lean and fine of any kind lol.
I can't with Miss Skinny (Jessica).  She keeps expecting her old boos to think she look so different in her "new" body.  I've seen Jessica's old photos.  Her face, neck and shoulders are thinner.  Her hair, makeup and fashions have improved.  She has upgraded but she ain't brand new, at least not yet.  She makes me laugh when she pretends to eat healthier than the other girls.  Girl,  that muffin had like 200 calories and red bull and vodka turns to sugar.  You should have just ate those wings, at least they had some protein.  Nobody believes a big girl when she say she ain't hungry, so just eat in moderation.  Instead of being so mean to Jenn, Sabrina, Kristi, you could have given them a glam boss makeover.
Jenn is sweet.  She has this "Look at me,  I"m cute like Zoey Deschanel, except I'm fat. Love me. Feed me. Love me. Pwease" type of thing going on.  Girl, you ain't Zoey.  Put some base in your voice and act grown.  Find a hobby because those men down at the bar ain't interested. And that's okay.  You'll find somebody.
Kristi, just tries too damn hard.  I'm glad she saw the light and stopped acting so damn extra.  She need to slow down with that dude tho.  He gonna break her heart.  We all see it but she don't. She don't even know him.  Go out and have fun, but to bring a stranger back to your house and you have a daughter is just too much too soon. 
I will continue to watch.  I hope these ladies gain something from being on this show.  Am I only person watching this?  What do you all think? Don't be shy:)

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  1. Why are you bashing these women?