Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Niecy Nash Shows Her Ass! In More Ways Than One...

Here's Niecy Nash getting all the RESPECT!

If black people followed in her footsteps, they could all have the pleasure of getting groped by white men on the red carpet. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ass On Fleek!!


Everybody wants to look good...

T-Boz - Rebel Yell (Feat Lil Wayne) [Official]

We first heard a snippet of this song back in 2012 and now here is the full version of T-Boz‘ “Rebel Yell” featuring two verses from Lil Wayne

OG Maco Says He Was Jacked By Beyonce!

OG Maco claims Beyoncé stole her newest video concept for 7/11 from him.

Prison Wives Club Canceled

This show is already canceled so most won't miss it.  This show was like watching a train wreck.

An En Vogue Christmas


I thought this movie was real cute.  Dawn was hate tweeting during the whole event. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Break the Internet Beyonce!!

Yeah this happened.  Just posting like everybody else.  Some highlights

Dawn Being a Messy Bitch Baby

 Word on the curb is Dawn tryna start shit cause En Vogue (EV3) got a cute little gig over at Lifetime.  According to the internet Dawn gave up her En Vogue rights  after she left the group in 1997.  She thought she was Beyoncé and that she was gonna rule the world: SIKE!!!

R&B Divas ATL: The Cliff Notes (Season 2 I thank)

My key thoughts on the cast their shenanigans.