Friday, June 28, 2013

Amanda Bynes Needs a Thesaurus

We know this kid here is crazy.  People ain't been saying too much to her, but if she starts talking about people's mamas she gon' get the beat down real soon. As soft as Drake is he might be the one to do it or have it done by one of the chicks he sings about. 

I'm so sick of her saying the word "ugly." This bitch needs a thesaurus. Imma help Manda out with some words she could use to insult celebrities

  1. Hideous
  2. Repulsive
  3. Deformed
  4. Frightful
  5. Horrid
  6. Monstrous
  7. Revolting
  8. Grotesque
  9. Grisly
This is just to name a few. Hell, I might need to add some of this to my repertoire lol. 

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