Friday, June 28, 2013

This Lite Bright Just Dimmed Her Light

 This BITCH, is dead ass wrong, and she has a lot of nerve.  If she want to call anybody Madea, she should've read that coonin' ass Sheri Shepard from The View, but that's another post.  Who the hell takes jabs at a young girl on the witness stand?  I know her pretty ass at home saying,

"OMG, Like why is everyone so like uptight, Like I only made a black joke. Like I can do that right? Like, it's not like I said the n-word.  Like, I'm half black, so I can do that, right?" 

No,  BITCH you CAN'T!!!  The fact that she thinks it's cool to tweet this BS reveals so much.

Final Thoughts: This was retweeted 1, 215 times!  In the mist of this Paula Deen mess she goes and put women down. She is too stupid and privileged to even realize what she just did. Remember, you (HoHo Jones) will experience some form of racism or prejudice in your life and when you reach this hurdle, your ass will not clear it and don't look to "Madea" to have your back you generic looking bitch. 

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