Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mommy's Got Soul and Who the Hell is Marcello?

 I’m so sick of hearing about this damn fitness video. We have heard more about Syleena's "fitness video" than we have heard about her ALBUM! This really bothers me because she is a singer and should be using the R&B Divas platform to showcase her talent. During the reunion, nicci and Syleena went back and forth about Marcello. nicci tried to kick it like she has this fab production team and she did Syleena such a big favor, so  I did some digging (google searching) and Marcelllo is so wack that I wouldn’t even let him film my twerk video.  Check out the nicci and Marcello version of Mommy's Got Soul here.

Compare it to the new and improved video
The first video with nicci in it is a hot mess.  It's obvious that none of them know anything about exercising, so it's really a come up for Syleena to get a real personal trainer to lead in the new Mommy's Got Soul video. Plus, Syleena is dressed a lot better in the video. Which one is better?


Who the  HELL is Marcello?

If you watch R&B Divas then you know that nicci likes to drop names, and she puts on like she got so much: clothing lines, charities, fashion shows, brownstone, and a production team.  I haven't seen any productions by nicci except that awful, awful Soul Kittens Cabaret.  Now earlier I said Marcello is wack but what I mean is his youtube videos are wack so really nicci did Syleena a favor by not signing the release. Just in case you need proof, watch this awful ass movie clip.  So when nicci says that she has a production team, she really means that she uses her brownstone Z-list celebrity status to get free filming from a man with a camera, but leads Syleena to believe that she has a production team that would film her dvd for $300.  After nicci gets jealous, she then gets dude to make up a $20,000 FAKE unpaid bill so that she (nicci) can have a "legit" excuse not to sign, but really she just a hater.  I ain't mad at him though because maybe he thought he was going to be the new member in brownstone because he has an audition tape here.


Final Thoughts

Does this man's work look like it would cost $20,000? Hell Naw! Even if Syleena does owe him money, it has nothing to do with nicci signing a release for the dvd.  I hope Syleena learned an important lesson. Always get the signature before you start filming.


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