Friday, June 14, 2013

Why Is Lil Mama Even In the Mix??


I understand that all the "unsung" artists got bills, but DAMN another show??  Well, there ain't much I can do about everybody and they mama getting show, but I can cross my fingers and hope for really sweet tea. But still tho, why is Lil Mama on the show?  Can we replace her with Foxy Brown or Lil Kim?  Lil Mama is always jumping on stages she doesn't belong and it's clear she shouldn't even be in this picture. 

M.C. Lyte has built a little brand for herself. I can't name a reality T.V show that ain't got a dash of ratchet, so she taking a chance putting her "positive images of female hip hop artist" at risk for some other folks she can't control. 

"Hip Hop Sisters Network includes Hip Hop Sisters Artistry, which provides a platform for female artists to showcase their talents in an environment of encouragement and respect,..."  Join the Movement:"

This little tidbit above is from M.C. Lyte's website. Based on this, I would say she has good intentions but I'm sure every chick has good intentions when they sign up.  If you got a show and you ain't got no tea, Honey, you better be hella interesting, and I'm not getting an interesting vibe from this bunch.  The public just hasn't forgiven Lil Mama and she is just too young with one pop rap hit under her belt so she need to get off the stage and make room for Da Brat or somebody who actually did something.

Now my ratchet self want to see the tea Honey!! But, I hope M.C. Lyte can prove that women getting along and being positive can pull in the ratings.  We shall see...

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