Saturday, June 29, 2013

Even Swap Ain't No Swindle

 Why do rich men try to pretend they don't marry for looks and why do pretty women try to act like they don't marry for money?  These two deserved each other.  I guess Deion thinks that he has us all fooled.

In my opinion, they used each other: He wanted a beautiful wife and she wanted a rich husband.  Mrs. Sanders didn't play her cards right.  She applied outdated rules to a new game; she should have taken a page out of Shaunie O'Neal's playbook. 

I don't believe Pilar is any more narcissistic than Deion is but she just didn't play this right.  He got caught cheating with some young girl right  before he filed for divorce.  Pilar didn't use this information to her advantage because she let him make her look like the Evil gold digger and unfit mother.  The days of women automatically getting the kids are gone. Chicks better put that family name to use and build their own empires.
Tracy Edmonds
(she got between Eddie Murphy and his baby mama)
Let's just hope Prime Time's flesh chose better this time.
The moral of the story is money can't buy love, but it most definitely improves your bargaining position. 


  1. Please do your research he filed for divorce cause she got caught cheating with a 24yr old as well as a well known rapper. The young woman admitted Deon never touched her or tried to. Scandal

    1. she had photos of him and he paid her off, duh, this must be one of his cronies lol