Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dawn Being a Messy Bitch Baby

 Word on the curb is Dawn tryna start shit cause En Vogue (EV3) got a cute little gig over at Lifetime.  According to the internet Dawn gave up her En Vogue rights  after she left the group in 1997.  She thought she was Beyoncé and that she was gonna rule the world: SIKE!!!

Maxine won't be in the film either. 

Hold on... *Checking twitter to see if Maxine being a little bitch baby like Dawn*

Yeah she is lol

 Dawn rejoined in 2008 to perform on the BET awards and then left again in 2011.   Now En Vogue gets a holiday movie and a new album coming out and all of sudden Dawn wants to come back.  Dawn acting like a broke down ass man who only call when you get your income tax check and be gone by your birthday.

Rhona Bennett

En Vogue has had this new member,  Rhona Bennett, since 2003.  But every time Dawn bring her opportunist ass back Rhona gotta leave.  Rhona say, "Not this time Bitch!" 

This Chart Illustrates that Terry and Cindy got that Beyoncé Work Ethic lol
This is what Dawn had to say about it in her TMZ interview:
"I have no interest in watching it. It looks horrible. I'm sad for them. ... After seeing the Aaliyah biopic, I'm extremely worried that this is going to be a train wreck."

Dawn is sad for them even tho she made an ass of herself on R&B Divas LA.  The movie is not a biopic.  Dawn is on twitter misleading folks so they will side with her.  It's a fictional holiday movie and it's not the first time the ladies have played fictional versions of themselves.  They played alternate versions of themselves on  TV shows A Different World and Roc

I would side with Dawn if she didn't sign away her rights to the group. I think she signed away her rights thinking she would blow up.  Now it's years later and she wants the money.

Fans would love for the original members to make up and jam out.   Fans saw first hand that Dawn runs as soon as things get sticky. I guess the most committed and dependable wins in this case. Just ask Michelle Williams.

What do ya'll think?  Should Dawn just move on or should En Vogue just stop being petty and get back together?

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