Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Niecy Nash Shows Her Ass! In More Ways Than One...

Here's Niecy Nash getting all the RESPECT!

If black people followed in her footsteps, they could all have the pleasure of getting groped by white men on the red carpet. 

Niecy Nash at the 2007 Reno 911 movie premier serving ASS!
As you can see, Niecy Nash has showed her ass many times to get where she is #Shade. 


How The Other Women Were Dressed That Night!!

Miss Nash Drove The Men Wild

The man in the suit is Fox's Hutch Parker (big time movie producer).
Niecy Nash has her eye on the next level.

I guess this is how she got here movie roles. She really has her ass on this movie producer. How respectable of her #Shade

This works both ways...

Maybe this image will help her understand


  1. How has nobody ever pointed out that she is wearing a prosthetic ass?

  2. That means nothing lol. In fact that reinforce the point smh