Sunday, November 23, 2014

Prison Wives Club Canceled

This show is already canceled so most won't miss it.  This show was like watching a train wreck.

It's understandable if you stick by your HUSBAND or family member if they get locked up.  What most people can't fathom is marrying a man that is already in prison and then on top of that, marrying a man that got life because he a MURDERED someone!!! I can't!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Jhemini was so delusional and stuck up on the show.  I just wanted somebody to cuss her out.  She thought she was on America's Next Top Model.  She constantly complained about privacy while on a reality TV show. I hated her voice.  Every word was a whine.  Her husband had ten years and her story was blah.  

 Kate's husband also had 10 years. Kate and Jhemini bickered a lot and that was irritating because I didn't get why Kate cared so much about Jhemini being on that dumbass website. Kate should have called LaQuisha to do the website any way.  If kate wasn't busy being a messy "I'm about to take over the whole damn group" type bitch she wouldn't have gotten into it with Jhemini in the first damn place.  Other than that, Kate and Jhemini were the least interesting.  On a side note, I really think Kate's husband and that gay hair stylist Rome were more than friends but that's just speculation...

LaQuisha and Anna are both married to men in prison for murder
I had to save the MOST insane for last.  LaQuisha and Anna both met their husbands in prison.  These men got like 100 years in prison and are in there for murder!  It was just too much crazy in this show to review, but if you're interested, Lifetime has the full episodes on their site here.

LaQuisha and Anna talked a lot about how fine their men are.  I really do think they have self-esteem issues.  They seem to want Light Skin Hunks but don't believe they are worthy of this type of man in real life.  They both seemed really sweet and normal on the surface.  On the show, their lives revolved around these men in prison,  and that's not even healthy when dating free men lol.  It just seems having a prison husband is a defense mechanism to avoid being dumped or cheated on (at least their men can't cheat with other women).  They also kind of act like victims, as if the police broke into their house and kidnapped their men. Laquisha and Anna must forgot that there are families out there whose lives were changed because their husbands committed crimes! These women chose to marry men in prison and then they chose to put their lives on hold because of it.

I also think it's naïve of them to think that these men who have 75 years in jail are not having relationships with other men (Check Youtube).  LaQuisha and her jail bird fought a lot about things that will never happen. LaQuisha  will be 93 years old when her boo gets out, but they stay arguing about threesomes.  It's just delusional and unhealthy in a lot of people's opinion.  LaQuisha and Anna talk about being prison wives like they are military wives or something.  I'm like, "Chick, your man not at war fighting for our country.  He's in jail because he took someone's life."  I'm not even saying that prisoners don't deserve love.  I'm just saying it's unhealthy for women to seek out men in prison.  You can support somebody without introducing them to your daughter...just saying #Shade.

Kate and Jhemini seemed more normal.  They're husbands went away for ten years and they knew them before they went in.  But LaQuisha and Anna are a special type of crazy.  I'm glad the show is canceled.  It's one thing to support women and families that have loved ones locked up, and they should be supported because it can happen to any of us.   But it's a whole different thing to glamorize treating prison like it's for women with low self-worth.


  1. I think that deciding to marry a man in prison especially one who has 75 years is stupid and desperate and involving your daughter is totally a bad example of a woman, and arguing about a threesome how dumb , this man is totally using you, and only reached out to you and probably others to find a sponsor, if he really loved you why would he want you to spend your life supporting a murder financially, this money could be for your daughter, low self esteem

    1. Yaasss!! Thank you! You don't wanna come down hard on them. The stuff on the show just seemed like lies. They are with the men out of low self-esteem.

    2. I do not agree these woman are desparte they just love someone that's locked up doesn't mean they have bad self esteem

  2. As a prison wife myself, I can definitely relate to them in some ways. My inmate is my daughter's father and we were together 2yrs before he was arrested(for a drug violation) it's a very hard, lonely, physically, financially, emotional job! And I say that because that's what it is. I never in my life imagined I'd be going down this path, but I am and it is what it is. Your loved one incarcerated needs a lot of support and love at this time and it definitely takes work, but I loved him before he went in and I'll continue to love and be with him now and after. He only received 4yrs, but 3 bcuz of early rrelease soon to be, but if he were to get say 10yrs or more idk If I would've waited. It's basically putting your life on hold and I don't consider that to be fair. That being said I love my hubby and absolutely wouldn't have considered leaving his side through this tough time.I tototally agree with the whole 75yr thing! I wouldn't and couldn't put my life on hold for that long and I think any man that ask/allows any woman to do that is purely selfish. And 98% of them are only using women for their money sadly. In a relationship you need more than visits and calls and yes even conjugal visits. One thing you were wrong about was about liquisha knowing her husband after being incarcerated. She knew him for years before and had a sexual relationship when they were younger. So technically she knew him before. But even knowing that I still wouldn't have pursued a relationship. And bringing her daughter to visits and introducing them wouldn'thave hhappened either. It's just not healthy. I really believe they are a little insecure because of their men choices especially ana because who really looks for friendships/relationships on Lonely women unfortunately. I think he sensed that and ran with it sadly. I think to know if a man in prison was truly interested in you he would wait 6 months to a year to ask you for any money and not right away. And to have a man in that predicament have a say so with your finances is just ridiculous!! I mean when has he contributed to your finances and not benefited from them? Ana seems lonely, desperate and naive and is looking for love in all the wrong places. And not to be mean but she looks a lot like a Danny devito look alike smh, so yeah. Kate is alright besides caring way too much about dumbass jhemini and her not wanting to participate. I'm not gonna even go there with jhemini, except to say she's an annoying, stuck up, self centered, boosie, UGLY, condescending dumbass! Why be with someone if you're ashamed of their circumstances? And feel like you have to constantly hide your relationship? Idk. I really hope he wises up and leaves her snooty ass. I'm sure he could do 100x better.

  3. Laquisha did not meet her man in prison, you did all that show watching and didn't comprehend a thing. Also Ann did meet her man in jail, who was a boy when he went in. He may be getting out because of that. Anywho who cares what you think.

  4. I'm getting angry watching jhemini. I'm in Scotland with no relation to the justice system but it's very hard to watch her talk to her husband's mother with no respect and be so selfish. She doesn't want anyone to know her husband is incaraerated but the 1 person who understands the most she is being so rude to. This could be ur biggest support just open ur n lose ur issues. She understands more than anyone. That's her baby!