Saturday, November 22, 2014

R&B Divas ATL: The Cliff Notes (Season 2 I thank)

My key thoughts on the cast their shenanigans.

First I'm gon' start with Faith
  • Faith is the Shaunie O'Neal of this cast because she doesn't tell any of her business but exploits all of theirs and they kiss her butt.
  • Faith knows she ain't that damn busy she just ain't messing with them like that.
  • Faith is behind nicci being called out because she brought Angie Stone on the show to expose nicci. Faith wanted nicci to be exposed without looking like the bad guy.
  • Stop it with that Xscape (Kandi did us wrong) stuff.
  • Where is your music?
Angie Stone
  • Faith brought her on the show to act like that but she took it too far.
  • She kinda lied about Nana Knows Best because I googled that show and it doesn't exist.
  • Her fashion
  • Her "niceness" she plays nice and there are a few moments when it seems fake.
  • She crazy
  • She color struck (Google Essence Article)
Syleena Johnson
  • She need new fashions and hair
  • And she need to sing more on the show
  • Her daughther not being there but its her charity tho: Fraud!
  • Booty shots
  • She always making negative comments on big women
This sum old ass stuff that somebody at the office didn't post cuz we kinda ratchet


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