Sunday, November 23, 2014

OG Maco Says He Was Jacked By Beyonce!

OG Maco claims Beyoncé stole her newest video concept for 7/11 from him.

I don't really think Beyoncé stole anything.  People forget how strategic Beyoncé is and that she has a team that helps with everything.  She even admits to spending hours on Youtube for "inspiration."  There's nothing wrong with that.  Everybody does it.  There is a thin line between stealing and making something your own.  Everybody wants credit for what they do in life so that part is understandable.  But I really reject the notion that once one person does something then nobody else can do it.  I'm pretty sure OG Maco has a few rappers that inspire him.  There's really nothing new under the sun.  There are millions of blog posts being written about this topic right now.

OG Maco's U Guessed It is just is all over Vine and has racked up over 11 million views, so to believe that Beyoncé isn't aware of what's hot with the young folks is just Stan Logic.  I watched both and the only similarity is they are with friends turning up in a hotel.  I think Beyoncé did a good job tapping into what's hot with the young folk.  She did it in her own way and girls can relate to it. I knew his song but I didn't know who OG Maco was before Beyoncé's video dropping.  I think he really didn't need to point out the obvious because it makes him seem like a Bitch Baby hater lol.  Plus he knows Beyoncé Stans get emotional about everything.  He should be glad for the free advertising.  I can understand how he feels tho he just wants the Queen to acknowledge his existence.  Honestly, there will be many more videos like this to come.  

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